People Development Fund Africa is all about people
People we meet and get to know through relationships

PDFA was launched in 2007 when a group of friends decided to work together more intentionally to address and overcome the poverty that faces us everywhere in Africa. From years of experience and exposure to a number of African nations we felt there were specific things that we could do to overcome poverty within our relational networks.

We have a dream and a plan to see sufficient resources created within African communities by local people to end dependency on outside help and emergency interventions. We desire to see communities sufficiently resourced so that the vulnerable are cared for from within these communities.

To accomplish this we believe that there are two key factors: A healthy worldview and successful business activity.

We invite people who feel similarly, from all walks of life and from all nations to network with us, to join hands, to share ideas and resources, so that many people in Africa can overcome poverty and be in a position to help others in need.

We realise that there are many good people and organizations doing wonderful work in Africa. We added ourselves to the picture so that we can become part of the solution and use our skills, resources and networks to impact people positively.

Currently our focus is on Malawi and Mozambique, working within our relational networks. Introduce yourself to us, connect with us, become our friends, meet our friends in Africa and introduce your friends to us. We value people.

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